Drilling and assembly machine


Vorteile der BAO

Side panel processing line with several processing stations and redundant equipment for cabinet side panels

Specially designed for processing furniture parts on one side

  • Flexibly equipped with one or two gantries, optimally tailored to the workpiece spectrum and desired capacity
  • Processing of the workpieces from above.
  • Highly precise measuring of the workpieces by servo axes. Automatic calculation of the measured parts tolerances
  • Special version for milling moulded contours in the side panels for handleless kitchens
  • Grooving
  • All axis adjustments via controlled NC servo axes
  • Horizontal drilling for “push-to-open” in the side
Bestückungsbeispiel einer BAO-DL Bearbeitungssupportes für Unterschrankseiten

Example of the equipment of a BAO processing support for base cabinet side panels