Drilling and assembly machine


Vorteile der BMA

  • Specially designed for processing furniture parts on one side
  • Flexibly equipped with one or two gantries, optimally tailored to the workpiece spectrum and desired capacity
  • Processing of the workpieces from above
  • Fully automatic insertion and/or screw attachment of fittings such as mounting plates, cabinet suspension devices, drawer rails, shelf supports and many more fittings
  • Automatic gluing of bore holes and rear panel grooves
  • All axis adjustments via controlled NC servo axes
  • Supply of the fittings as required via vibration feeding systems, magazine or directly from supply trays by integration of handling systems
BMA-DLS 2 Speziell zur einseitigen Bearbeitung von Möbelteilen
BMA-DLS 3 Speziell zur einseitigen Bearbeitung von Möbelteilen