Feeding stations

PBA-X-M Beschickungsanlagen
PBA-X-M Beschickungsanlagen 2

Feeding stations at a glance

  • Optionally designed as feeder or destacking device
  • Parts supplied by removal from stacks or directly from order batch carriages
  • Plane storage system realised via X and Y axes
  • All axis adjustments via controlled NC servo axes
  • Number of positions to be moved to depending on requirements
  • Measurement of the stack heights via Z servo axis
  • Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic stack changes possible
  • Design of the suction cup traverse with bellows suction cups or suction cushions, depending on requirements
  • Number of suction circuits also according to requirements
  • Direct connection to all Priess + Horstmann processing machines
PBA-X-M Beschickungsanlagen 3