Drilling and assembly machine

High capacity front processing

The developers at Priess + Horstmann have developed the front processing series RTW to achieve particularly high front processing speeds. Four workpieces can be processed simultaneously and with overlap by means of a rotary indexing workpiece table with four processing stations. The workpieces are mainly processed on the bottom surface.

Station 1:
Measures the length and width via servo axes and lifts the workpieces into the processing table
Station 2:
Drills all hinge, handle and additional bore holes from above and below
Station 3:
Fits hinges, door and drawer adapters, and absorber buffers according to the pick & place principle
Station 4:
Outfeed of the finished workpiece depending on the peripheral configuration

BAT-RTW Bohr- und Montageanlage

Further features of the RTW

  • All axis adjustments via controlled NC servo axes.
  • Fully automatic feed of the fittings via vibration feeding systems or semi-automatic feed via strip magazines.
  • All conceivable insertion processes can be performed fully automatically via pick & place operation.
  • Depending on the customer’s requirements, it is possible for the peripheral workpiece supply to be performed by manual feed or optionally for unprocessed and/or finished workpieces via Igel buffers or handling robots.
BAT-RTW Bohr- und Montageanlage komplett